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For people familiar with casinos in general and especially online casinos, slot games are very common. Even though it feels like games such as blackjack, roulette and baccarat are more classic than slots – they have been around for a very, very long time. 1891 was the first baby-steps taken for the development of what we today know as the slot machine. Even though this, of course, was nothing of what we see today – the idea was the same. Holding five reels with poker cards on them, the player needed to get the right combination to win. After that, in 1899, the Liberty Bell was invented. This one had the classic symbols, the cherry among else, and was maybe even more the righteous precursor of the slot machine.

From that day one, the development has been magnificent. And today, we are able to every week get acquainted with new video slots. All with high graphics, great sound effects and different themes.

The online casino Slot Games

Along with the evolving technical enhancements, we now see fantastic creations that more or less reminds us about movies and/or video games. Some of the big developers of slot games, as NetEnt, Betsoft Gaming and Yggdrasil, have blessed us with their creations. The market is huge today, with millions and millions of players each day. This results in possibilities for the providers to spend a lot of money on producing great games. If they succeed, they will definitely get a return on their investment.

The competition, however, forces them to build games that really stand out. This is why we today see a wide range of new functions, the number of pay lines, game themes and other things that help the game to be unique. And we even see collaboration between slot developers and big movie- and music studios.

slot games

Collaborations for slot developers

Just the last couple of years, we have noticed a really fun trend. Providers of slot games have started to make big collaborations with different studios. Movies and series mostly. We have seen a big jackpot slot on the Batman: The Dark Knight Rises movie. We also have had the possibility to play on several Marvel slots. Jurassic World and Jumanji are two other movies where the studio has decided to take its product into the world of online casino.

What about music then? Well, except for official soundtracks and such for above-mentioned collaboration, NetEnt took a big leap a couple of years ago. They gave its audience the NetEnt Rocks series. A slot series of three games:

  • Guns n’ Roses
  • Jimi Hendrix
  • Motorhead

These three games were the perfect way of playing on slot games while listening to your favourite music. Official collaborations with the artists, where you even got to choose between some of the most famous songs while playing.

We believe that we have only seen the tip of the iceberg when it comes to slot games for online casinos. What will happen in new casinos 2021 we can only assume, but we are certain that some news will be very interesting!

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