Coronavirus effect on sports and gambling

No one can have missed that the coronavirus has a big impact on the whole world right now. We can only guess how it will be in the near future. But when countries and cities are quarantined and people are not allowed to appear in larger crowds that affect us all. Casinos in Macao and Las Vegas turns into ghost towns and Premier League starts to ban spectators from going to games. This could become a reality at any time now. What we know for now is that Arsenal players are set in corona quarantine so the game against Manchester City is postponed. We hold our breath and hope it will not affect the Tokyo Olympics.

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Corona embrace online gambling

When land-based casinos shut down and people stay inside due to the coronavirus they need something to do. It’s a safe bet that sports betting, casino, poker and bingo will get a boost thanks to the panic around COVID-19. has a great map of the outbreak. So people will turn to online casinos like we never have seen before. And if there is no sport to bet on people will play video slots and live casino. We will therefore probably see a lot more of casino bonus and extra spins welcome offer from online casinos now. In all tragedy, this is an opportunity for all the online gambling companies out there. To be honest playing online games is a perfect way to kill some time and looks like people are going to get a lot more time now.

So whether you are looking for a way to bet on football or play online casino you should take a look at our new casino section. There you will find lots of welcome bonus and free spins offer from new casinos. How serious the situation becomes due to the coronavirus we all should take quarantined and guidance for the government serious. That may be the only way to kill this virus and that’s the most important thing in the world right now. So be sure to take care of each other and we will fight the coronavirus together! But be sure to seize the time and take the opportunity to have some fun and what better way than play online casino!

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