Deepfake casino

Imagine someone can build a digital copy of you in a computer and create movies where you do or say anything. It sounds like science fiction but is a reality now that computers can create so-called deepfakes. How should we be able to trust what we see when everything can be falsified is, of course, an important aspect, but at the same time – how can and will deepfakes change the entertainment industry such as online casinos? There are many ways of how deepfakes can change the world in 2020, but here we will look into deepfake casinos.

Deepfake part of future entertainment or a threat?

If you watch a deepfake video where a lot of celebrities are featured in new faces, including Rowan Atkinson speaking from the White House, you probably think it’s for real. Everything is on film and the camera is not lying, right? But today’s powerful computers have quickly become better at falsifying a person’s face and minigames. The computer can now take a video on a human and paste a digital copy of someone else’s face. Suddenly you can create a movie where the president says anything, or where someone else is president.

This technique is called deepfake and involves forgery that is thoroughly done and very elaborate. The word is a fusion of fake, i.e. counterfeiting, and the concept of deep learning, which means computer systems that can learn automatically learn and therefore become better and better at what they do. And of course, we understand that it can be problematic if all of a sudden “Donald Trump” posts a video online and people think it is him. And it is not just politicians who run the risk of bad luck.

On the internet, thousands of videos are already circulating where celebrities – mostly female – appear to be in a porn movie. The celebrity’s face has been recreated by a computer and pasted into the film.

All in all, deepfakes needs to be supervised and there are projects like Reality Defender that are working on limiting the risks with deepfakes. It is actually the inventor of deepfakes that has created the Reality Defender initiative.

Deepfake casino might be fun

Elvis casino chipBut there still also be a lot of non-scary and fun uses for deepfakes, such as deepfake casino. Imagine that you are entering an online or VR casino and you can choose who your dealer will be. In real-time and at a live casino a deepfake Elvis Presley can deal your cards. Or why not head over to the Roulette table and let Winston Churchill spin the wheels when Marylyn Monroe is serving the drinks.

For casinos in 2020, we are not quite there yet, and while waiting for deepfake casinos, we need to still to what we have. Great bonuses, new casinos and a lot of new free spins 2020. Even ordinary people can suffer.

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