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Even though this site is mainly about Extra Spins, which is one kind of casino bonus,  we want to give you some information about other bonuses that online casinos, in general, offer its players. You have probably found this site because you are interested in free spins in one way or another. But we also know that to get spins, you quite often need to deposit money. And doing this, often also comes with other bonuses. To become a member of a VIP Club also often generates promotions of different kinds, as well as extra spins. Due to this, please see how you can maximise your gaming below.

Deposit Bonus

The main bonus, that almost every new casino in 2022 hands out to its players is the deposit bonus. Often multiple ones along the way. But, the main one usually is the welcome deposit bonus. Once registered, you can deposit money and get even more money to play for. Some casinos offer a 100% top-up while some casinos offer as much as 400%. Sure, this sounds amazing. However, there aren’t always as good as it seems. Most of these bonuses come with a wagering requirement. To be able to withdraw your winnings from this bonus money, you need to play. A lot. If the wagering requirements are, let’s say 40x, you need to gamble all your deposited money for 40 times before able to withdraw them. But, it is quite obvious, if it wasn’t for this the casino would lose all the money instantly.

casino bonus

There are, however, many different kinds of deposit bonuses. Reload bonus is one of these. Once you have used up the welcome package, you often get offered to take part in this. This usually isn’t as good as the first one. We often see 50% reload bonuses as an example. If you think it is worth it, due to the wagering requirements, is up to you.

VIP Clubs

We are not sure this really applies to a casino bonus, but in the long term, this is exactly what it will generate. Casinos that offer a Loyalty Program, VIP Club, of any kind, want their players to stay for a long time. By becoming a part of their clubs, you will get unique offers and much more. Often spins and more deposit bonuses. But also often a special gift on your birthday, the possibility to try a new slot before everyone else and such. It differs a lot how many features a loyalty program holds, but it is never a bad idea to join it!

There surely are other variants of getting a nice casino bonus 2022, and we will keep you up to date with the latest news regarding this!

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